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A life enriched.

Music is the soundtrack to your life. And we make it better.

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Next-generation Klimax DSM

The Ultimate Streamer

Extreme engineering. Breathtaking sound. Next-generation Klimax DSM is our best yet.

Sondek LP12

The revolution continues.

45 years on, the LP12 is still the north star of record player design. A revolutionary icon that continues to evolve, and inspire.

Series 3

Wireless. Peerless.

The best sounding wireless speaker in the world.

Linn Series 3 Speaker

Full systems.

A complete Linn system is optimised for superior sound quality, and designed for compatibility. Plug in any source, from your TV, to a turntable, or stream cloud-based digital audio. It will simply sound better.

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Whole home.

Linn systems integrate seamlessly out of the box, making multi-room setup a cinch. And to embed your music at an even deeper level throughout your home - including integrations with an existing smart home automation system such as Control4 - our Linn Whole Home Professional consultants are standing by to help.

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Latest News

New Selekt LP12 – The Audiophile’s Dream

Selekt LP12 follows in the footsteps of its digital cousin – Selekt DSM – both in its arresting musicality and its unbounded upgradeability.

Selekt LP12 is the platform from which to live out your musical passion and, with the benefit of future upgrades, to continue to explore ever more of the music contained within the grooves of your record collection.

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Latest News

Arko & Kendo – New Sondek LP12 Upgrades

Arko is an original, high-performance tonearm, and our first entirely new model since 2006. Rigid in construction and fluid of motion, great effort was taken during this tonearm’s development to ensure that it retains both fundamental simplicity and superlative performance.

Kendo is the outcome of our engineers’ efforts to capitalise on the elements of Ekstatik which work so well.

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Latest News

Koil & Krane – New Sondek LP12 Upgrades

Koil is a formidable, new, entry-level cartridge. It's a superb first step onto the ladder of premium moving coil cartridges. Koil offers a step up in performance from the moving magnet Adikt.

Krane, our accomplished entry-level tonearm, is now available to purchase as a standalone upgrade.

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Latest News

New Organik Upgrades – Klimax DS/DSM (all variants)

All Klimax DS and Klimax DSM variants have now been added to the list of products which can be upgraded with Organik DAC.

Organik performance has now been rolled out across the established Klimax range; whether you’re interested in a new system, component, or in upgrading your cherished, existing products.

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Latest News

New Klimax LP12

The latest iteration of our reference turntable produces an even more musical, pitch-perfect performance – and is available to order now!

New Klimax LP12 not only features our latest, hyper-accurate speed management technology, a whisper-quiet power supply, and state-of-the-art motor design; but also boasts the breakthrough that is our all-new flagship cartridge.

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Latest news

Next-generation Klimax DSM - the ultimate streamer

Our next generation Klimax DSM is the best yet. It’s the ultimate streaming product, with every element designed from the ground up, applying decades of digital technology learnings and expertise.

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Five decades of innovation. One vision.

Linn is the world leader in pioneering home audio technologies. Breakthroughs like Space Optimisation and Exakt are extraordinarily complex, yet are designed with a simple goal in mind. To let you hear your music precisely as the artist intended it.

Your space. The final frontier.

Any music system risks being compromised by the shape of the room it lives in. Until now. Our pioneering Space Optimisation technology removes the unwanted distorting effects of your listening environment to reveal the true sound of the music.

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Timed. To. Perfection.

Exakt technology achieves what was previously impossible. Perfect time alignment. So the elements that make up every note - including all the harmonics - arrive at your ear at precisely the same time. Just as they would if the musicians were right there in your room. The result? The most precise sound available in home hi-fi.

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